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Samples (from "the Ashgrove Sessions" )

Samples from the newly released Ashgrove Sessions CD

This CD, three years in the making, is a stunning collaboration between the powerful and versatile voice of Susan Rey and the legendary guitar work and string bending of Jerry Donahue. The final release of the CD was delayed due to the illness of our dear friend Jerry but we had to make sure every song on the CD is one he would be proud of.

CD Cover
Xpect the Unexpected
Long Road
The Sea
Tired of Talkin'
Does My Ring Burn
Here I Am
Matty Groves
Turn the Page

A moving tribute to President John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, who was taken from us far too soon. Both the song and images will remind you of a gentler time.

Xpect the Unexpected
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