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Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                              Contact: Pete Bellas

May 20, 2017                                                                          (661) 803-4292


The Ashgrove Sessions CD contains an original song Kennedy in honor of JFKs 100th birthday


The Ashgrove Band is highlighting the single, Kennedy, from their debut CD released this March. The song is accompanied by a music video of the band performing infused with a tribute to JFK.


Singer and co-writer of the song, Susan Rey, said “with Kennedy’s birthday and Memorial Day coming we had to make sure people experienced this song. Everyone we have played it for has been extremely moved, some even to tears”.


Lead guitar player Jerry Donahue, best known for his work with Fairport Convention and The Hellecasters, added “From the prospective of having lived outside the US for so much of my life, I have to say that, although I've always been proud to be an American, I felt proudest, indeed, during those years Kennedy was our president”.


“John Kennedy was a great man but more than that, as we are deep into a turbulent presidency this year, I was struck by how different we viewed the president back then, it was a simpler time” noted Executive Producer, Pete Bellas.


Early on in the recording studio the band realized that the song needed “pipes” of some sort. Fortunately Jerry with his extensive European touring had just the person, Davy Spillane. Master of the uilleann pipes and low whistle he was able to record the track in Ireland and send it to the studio in Los Angeles. You may not have heard of Davy but have heard his work in "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic.


While this is the debut CD for Ashgrove the musicians involved have impressive credentials. In addition to singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist Susan Rey we have lead guitarist Jerry Donahue. While best known as a founding member of the Hellecasters he has recorded and/or toured with Gerry Rafferty, Robert Plant, Elton John, The Proclaimers, Warren Zevon, Bonnie Raitt, Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, The Yardbirds and too many more to list. Bass players working this song and CD include Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Russ Buchanan (Thieves, Player), Harrison John Davis (Ricky Nelson) and on drums Tom Walsh (America, Spyro Gyro and has recorded and/or toured with Joe Cocker, Supertramp, Tina Turner, John Waite, Henry Mancini, Helen Reddy,  Rod Stewart and again too many more to list).


The music video tribute is available at


More information about the single, Kennedy, Ashgrove and the newly released CD is available on the website and on facebook


Contact: Pete Bellas – (661) 803-4292 or

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